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Welcome to Dutch Barton Dental Practice; your private referral centre in Wiltshire, offering patients advanced oral care using the latest in dental practice techniques and technology

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We welcome referrals for dental implants, SureSmile aligners, sinus lifts, guided bone regeneration, endodontic procedures, oral surgery, digital dentistry, CBCT and OPG scans.

Dutch Barton Dental Practice is a centre of dental excellence offering a range of advanced treatments to ensure our patients and yours receive the highest level of care without long waiting times, inconvenience or discomfort.

Our team provides specialist treatment in oral surgery, dental implants and endodontics. We have also invested considerably in digital dental technology to make the treatment journey easier and less stressful for patients.

I would say the main philosophy of the practice from my perspective is: ‘Do it once and do it properly’ , and the benefits for the patient with digital technology are substantial.

Simon Fieldhouse

Our ethos is to ‘do it once and do it properly’, so you can rest assured that your patients’ treatment will be performed to the highest possible standard by experienced and committed dental specialists.

Where patients are referred to us, we will endeavour to see them as soon as possible and provide a summary of the treatment performed once completed. We are also happy to consult on complex dental cases.

To ensure your patient gets the treatment they need, contact our team now. We look forward to working in partnership with you. We are also happy to arrange to meet with you to discuss further the referral treatments we can provide.