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Why us?

Traditional patient care combined with modern dental techniques and technology

We are proud to work with dental colleagues in Wiltshire and beyond to offer exemplary patient care. From dental implant cases to complex oral surgery, we accept referrals for all manner of dental concerns and will always offer your patients the highest level of care.

Our philosophy at the practice is ‘Do it once and do it properly’! We use digital technology to offer patients the very best care that is as convenient and comfortable for them as possible.

We treat your patients just as you would

As a warm and friendly practice, we pride ourselves on treating patients with care and compassion and understand that making patients feel comfortable and safe prior to advanced procedure is of essential importance.

We take our time to explain treatments to patients, so that they feel fully informed prior to sitting down in the dental chair. Our team of experienced dentists are always happy to answer questions and reassure nervous patients.

Hear from James MacDonald, Implantologist at Dutch Barton Dental Practice

Technology at the heart of our practice

Where a patient requires dental implants or needs a scan, we are your ideal referral partners. Our investment in dental technology will give your patients the care they need quickly and at their convenience; making their overall dental journey less onerous and stressful.

With CBCT and OPG scans as well as Cerec 3D software, it is our goal to reduce time in the dental chair and waiting room so that your patient has a positive experience whilst in our care.

Simon Fieldhouse discusses the benefits of digital technology

Open Communication

As dedicated dental professionals, we are happy to discuss and consult on cases. You can feel confident that we will provide proper feedback on a patient’s treatment and will recommend a further course of action where required.

We believe in working in partnership with dental colleagues to ensure a patient achieves the best possible treatment outcome.

To make a referral, please follow our simple online referral process.