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Would you like straight teeth?

For adult patients that would like to consider straightening their teeth, at Dutch Barton Dental we are happy to offer them Orthocaps clear aligners. These are easy to wear, discreet, removable appliances that effectively and painlessly correct tooth malalignment, and can be easily incorporated into your everyday life.

Clear orthodontic aligner systems vary significantly between manufacturers. We choose Orthocaps due to the success and accuracy of their TwinAligner system – this provides two different aligners for day and night, and allows for better movement control and more precise regulation of the forces used. Also, unlike other systems, Orthocaps are made of a high-quality thermoplastic dual component material. Whilst the outer layer is slightly harder to protect it from damage, the softer inner gently adheres to your teeth, guaranteeing both maximum comfort and precise tooth movements.

There are many advantages to Orthocaps

TwinAligner system over both traditional fixed orthodontic treatment and other clear aligner systems. These include:
• Comfortable – rigid tooth aligners can cause uncomfortable pressure points, but soft plastic used in Orthocaps aligners ensures maximum comfort.
• Invisible and removable – the high-quality, transparent material fits perfectly to your teeth, and is easy to remove and clean.
• Painless and effective – the two different aligner types allow for optimal adjustment of the forces acting on the teeth, resulting in precise and painless tooth correction.
• Customised – the Orthocaps aligners are digitally scanned and custom-made for each treatment phase, ensuring that each aligner fits perfectly from the first to the very last.

So how does Orthocaps treatment work?

Initially you will have a consultation for a full orthodontic examination, to discuss your various treatment options, and assess whether Orthocaps is the right solution for you. Initially simple intra-oral scans, photographs and an x-ray are taken to accurately diagnose and plan your treatment. These are used to formulate a precise, computer-assisted 3D treatment plan, showing the planned final position of your teeth and the length of time this proposed treatment will take. If you are happy to proceed with the treatment, then you will receive your first customised aligners a couple of weeks later.

For each treatment phase you will usually receive 8 pairs of day and night aligners that you will change every 2-3 weeks. During this time, you will need to attend for regular reviews to check the progress of your treatment. Unlike other aligner systems, after each treatment phase of Orthocaps, new digital intra-oral scans are taken to custom fit the next phase of aligners. This guarantees that treatment is 100% on schedule. In our view, it is this process that sets Orthocaps apart from other aligner systems – it allows for an ongoing digital monitoring of your specific case, and if necessary, any simple corrections can take place as the treatment naturally progresses. This ensures that the end result of treatment is as planned.

At Dutch Barton Dental we have successfully used Orthocaps aligners to treat a large number of different types of tooth misalignments. If you are looking for a precise, discreet method of correcting your teeth position and improving your smile, then please ask about Orthocaps treatment and arrange a consultation to see how your treatment would work.
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