Orthodontics is the controlled movement of teeth in order to straighten them, improve a smile, and help create and even bite. Orthocaps clear aligners are discreet removable appliances that gradually straighten the teeth. There are a simple and aesthetic way of treating milder orthodontic problems.

The Orthocaps Twin Aligners system of custom-made clear aligners allows modern, aesthetic tooth straightening with ease and convenience. It uses changing and individually adjusted clear plastic trays to exert gentle pressure on the teeth that need to be straightened. The aligners are worn for 20 hours per day, and are removed during meals and when cleaning teeth.

Many factors need to be considered when deciding what type of brace system is best suited to each individual patient. An initial full orthodontic assessment is required to determine the nature of the orthodontic problem, discuss the treatment options available, and the duration and possible outcomes of each different option.