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Emily’s Story

In this short video, Emily describes how she found her Sure Smile treatment journey and how she feels about her smile now.

When I first saw my smile I was absolutely delighted! It was brilliant. I’m so, so happy with the results!

Emily, SureSmile Patient


Emily had some spacing issues between her teeth that she was self conscious about and wanted to correct that.


We took digital impressions of her teeth using a special camera called an Intraoral Scanner. Using these images, James created a 3D model of what her teeth would look like and was able to make her first two sets of aligners. She wore these for the first two weeks. From then on we changed the aligners weekly depending on how her teeth were moving.


Emily was delighted with the results and her new smile. She found the whole process very comfortable and was happy with how discrete the aligners were. She said no one knew she was wearing them!

I found the retainers very comfortable and so discreet – no one knew I was wearing them!

Emily, SureSmile Patient

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