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Kate’s story

In this short video, Kate describes how her life has improved since having dental implant treatment at the Dutch Barton Dental Practice

When I first saw my smile, it was just a revelation! It was ‘Me’ back again, with my white teeth that I used to have. Since having the treatment life has been so much better; I feel happier! My teeth are amazing, they give me no trouble whatsoever and I can smile.

Kate, Dental Implant Patient


Kate had experienced repeated abscesses over the years and following various treatments she needed to wear a denture which unfortunately she did not particularly like doing.


After detailed discussions with her dentist, Kate was given all the information she needed and had the time and space to decide whether dental implants were the right treatment for her. The information and time she was given helped her to make the decision to proceed to treatment.


Kate loves her new teeth and smile. She feels like she’s back to her former self and has had no problems with her teeth or gums since the treatment.

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