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Sandra’s Story

In this short video, Sandra describes why she chose us for her dental implants treatment journey and why she is so delighted with the results.

When Simon first showed me my smile I was absolutely astounded! Everything looked so natural and the colour was absolutely perfect.

Sandra, Dental Implants Patient


Sandra had serious gum disease which meant that she would eventually loose her teeth. She came to Simon at Dutch Barton who spent an hour with Sandra taking x-rays and talking through her options.


She had her teeth replaced with dental implants which look, feel and function just like your own teeth and are a long lasting solution for teeth loss.


Sandra is delighted with how natural her teeth look and what a great colour match they are to her own teeth,

There are so many things you can’t eat with false teeth, but you can with implants so the benefits are huge!

Sandra, Dental Implants Patient

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