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Steve’s Story

In this short video, Steve describes how digital dentistry has enhanced his dental Implants treatment journey.

Having now got implants I can actually eat with confidence. Life is so much easier. I can go to a restaurant with the confidence there will be no problems. So that has changed my outlook completely!

Steve, Dental Implants Patient


Steve has been having teeth replaced by dental implants over the past ten years. He has noticed a change in the way the treatment has improved due to our use of the latest digital technology.


Steve remembers that in the early days having an impression taken involved a gooey mess in your mouth which was not a nice sensation. But now, using the latest technology it’s all scanned in a fast and comfortable way. We are also able to make the crowns right here in our practice on the same day, which Steve appreciated as there was no waiting for several weeks for a crown.


Steve can now eat with confidence following his dental implants treatment and finds life is so much easier, especially in a restaurant or social situation.
Our continued investment in digital technology has enabled us to delivery the highest quality treatment to patients like Steve, in a fast and efficient way which is also kinder to the environment.

There is no waiting for several weeks for a crown to be made, I can sit in the waiting room for half an hour while the technicians make and fit it. So as well as an expert delivery of service from the practice, the fact that the practice has kept up with technology and introduced that technology here is really important.

Steve, Dental Implants Patient

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