Root Canal

Teeth that have become infected by bacteria will require root canal treatment. It is a treatment used to save a badly damaged or unhealthy tooth that is often causing pain. When a tooth is hurting continuously, usually due to an abscess, then not only does root canal treatment relieve that pain, it also acts to save the tooth. If a tooth cannot be saved by root canal treatment then it may need to be extracted – the individual prognosis for your tooth will be discussed with you prior to commencing any treatment.

Root canal treatment can:

  • Remove infection
  • Save a damaged/infected tooth
  • Resolve a painful tooth
  • Prevent the need for tooth removal

Often a tooth that has had root canal treatment will need to have a crown fitted. This is usually because it will be heavily filled, and the dental crown will reduce the risk of it being fractured and hence increase its longevity.

We accept referrals from many local dentists to perform more complex root canal treatment cases, using superior materials and advanced equipment including an operating microscope, to ensure an optimum outcome and minimal discomfort for the patient both during and after treatment.