Tooth Extraction

Teeth that have become damaged or infected may need to be removed (extracted). Removing teeth is always a last resort, but there may be no other option than to have a tooth/teeth removed.

There are a number of reasons for extracting teeth including:

  • Fractured or damaged tooth
  • Heavily decayed tooth
  • Loose tooth due to gum disease
  • Infection caused by decay, trauma or gum disease
  • To make room for orthodontic treatment
  • Problematic wisdom teeth that have become impacted – stuck without enough space to erupt fully into the oral cavity

Prior to any extraction your dentist will discuss fully the other treatments available for the tooth/teeth, and all options for potentially replacing the tooth/teeth will be investigated and explained.

We take referrals from other dentists in the area to extract troublesome teeth, particularly wisdom teeth, and have extensive experience in undertaking difficult extractions.