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Replacing missing teeth, restoring your smile

A dental bridge is designed to look and feel like a natural tooth (or teeth) and is used to fill the gap left by a missing tooth (or teeth).

Dental bridges can be a singular pontic (prosthetic tooth) to replace one lost tooth or can be made to fill the gap left behind by a few teeth in a row. In each instance, a dental bridge will be designed to blend into the mouth, so it is undetectable to others.

Traditionally, bridges are held in place by crowns which are affixed to the two adjacent teeth. At Dutch Barton Dental Practice, we also offer dental implants to hold a bridge in place. Implants offer a more permanent and stable foundation for a dental bridge.

Types of Bridges

There are a number of different dental bridges that we offer at the Dutch Barton Dental Practice, all of which are long-lasting and will enhance your appearance and dental function.

Traditional dental bridges can be made from porcelain, metal or a combination of the two. They are cemented into place and supported by crowns on the adjacent teeth. These can last for up to ten years. This bridge type is made by a laboratory and treatment will take place over two appointments.

Resin-retained bridges are used to replace teeth towards the front of the mouth. These are cemented to the back of adjacent teeth and are less invasive than other bridge types.

Additionally, we offer ceramic dental bridges made by our Cerec 3D machine. Your dentist will take an intraoral scan of your teeth, which replaces the need for traditional dental impressions. This information is then transmitted to the Cerec software and your ceramic crown is made in an onsite milling machine. In less than an hour, your bridge will be made and ready to be affixed in place. 

We are committed to restoring your smile to its natural beauty and will discuss all available treatment options with you.