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Root canal treatment

Caring for your teeth, inside and out

Root canal treatment is used to treat the inside of an infected tooth. It is a delicate and intricate procedure.

Occasionally, a tooth’s root can develop an internal infection caused by bacteria. This can lead to pain and associated swelling. If left untreated, it could also lead to the loss of a tooth.

The affected dental root is accessed by removing the top layer of the tooth. The delicate internal structures will then be cleared of infection and treated with a special anti-bacterial solution. The affected tooth root is filled, and often n sealed with a crown to reduce the risk of repeat infection and possible fracture.


Dutch Barton Dental Practice is proud to work with an experienced endodontist who attends our practice to treat difficult cases. We are therefore able to accept referrals for complex root canal treatments from fellow dentists.

We also accept self-referrals from patients and will do all we can to prioritise your care. Find out more here.