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John’s story

In this short video, John describes how his confidence has improved since having dental implant treatment at the Dutch Barton Dental Practice

“Since I’ve had the treatment, I feel a totally different person because I have the confidence to know that nothing is going to happen. And that I can smile with confidence and also eat with confidence without having to guard against being careful with my eating”

John, Dental Implant Patient


As a long term denture-wearer, John was fed up with his denture becoming loose and moving around in his mouth. As a practice patient for eight years, John decided to go ahead with dental implants and has been overjoyed with the results.


John was convinced to go ahead with the implant treatment after speaking to his friends and family and seeking reassurance from his dentist. He was initially nervous about having the treatment but is now sure he made the right choice.


John says his smile has been restored to that of his youth and that he feels a renewed confidence when eating and speaking to others.

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