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Adult teeth straightening treatment that is subtle and effective, so you can enjoy a straighter smile whatever your age

If you suffer from crowded, protruding or misaligned teeth, we offer a discreet and minimally invasive orthodontic treatment to gently move your teeth into a new and straighter position.

We offer a bespoke tooth straightening system which uses transparent aligners (similar to a mouthguards) to reposition your teeth; enhancing your smile and correcting any bite issues.

The aligners are also used to correct problems with overcrowding, underbites, overbites, crossbites, gaps in the teeth and misalignment. This system achieves great results and the treatment time is usually shorter than with traditional fixed braces.

The aligners are worn for up to 22 hours a day and should be removed before you eat. They are easy to keep clean and comfortable to wear while you sleep.

Digital Dentistry

Our aligners are designed using the latest dental software, ensuring they fit precisely and comfortably.

Your treatment plan will be completely customised to your orthodontic needs and starts with an intraoral scan. This digital scan replaces the need for traditional dental impressions and takes a 3D picture of your teeth. The information will be analysed, a treatment plan formulated and within a few weeks, you will be provided with your first set of aligners.

Once treatment starts, you will change aligners approximately every two weeks. Each one will be minimally adjusted to consider any movement of your teeth. You will initially be given up to eight sets of aligners to commence treatment and will be monitored with regular review appointments throughout the process.

If you opt for orthodontic treatment, your dentist will explain the treatment in full, answering all of your questions.

Teeth Straightening for children

As one of the leading dental practices in the local area providing orthodontic treatment, we can also provide orthodontic services for children and accept referrals from other dental professionals.

Please contact us through our online referral system if you wish to make a referral by clicking on the button below.

We accept referrals for children’s teeth straightening