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White fillings

Protecting teeth that have been weakened by decay 

Fillings are an important dental restoration used to preserve and protect teeth that have been damaged by decay or fracture. At Dutch Barton Dental Practice, we offer white fillings to blend in with your natural teeth. 

Poor oral hygiene can have many negative effects on your teeth, one of which is decay. Decay occurs when tiny holes form in the tooth’s surface leaving the inside of the tooth vulnerable to bacteria.

As one of the most common dental treatments, fillings are used to fill cavities caused by decay and act to strengthen and restore the affected tooth. White fillings have the added benefit of completely blending into the tooth, unlike metal fillings which are often visible when you smile or laugh.

Additional uses of white fillings include: 

  • Repairing fractured or damaged teeth
  • Strengthening teeth that have been worn down by grinding
  • To replace metallic fillings
  • Improving the shape and appearance of teeth 

The Treatments

Traditional white fillings are made from composite materials, are applied directly to the affected tooth and bonded in place. They will be colour matched to your natural teeth so the treatment will be invisible to others, leaving your smile unaffected yet healthier.  We no longer provide metal amalgam fillings.

We also offer fillings made by our Cerec 3D machine. Your dentist will take an intraoral scan of your teeth, which replaces the need for traditional dental impressions. This information is then transmitted to the Cerec software and your ceramic filling is made in an onsite milling machine. In less than an hour, your filling will be made and ready to be cemented in place.