About us

Here at The Dutch Barton Dental Practice we are committed to giving patients long-term dental solutions to ensure the positive health of our patients.

Our team

Our dental team offers patients quality care, provides advice they can understand, surpasses their expectations and delivers excellent results

Why choose us

With so many dentists and practices to choose from, sometimes it may seem hard to pick the right team for you. So why us? What makes us different?


Private dental care that is cost-effective and patient-focused, with the added convenience of our Membership Plan, providing you with ongoing cover at a reasonable monthly cost.

Digital technology

In this short video Simon Fieldhouse one of our Practice Partners, talks about the benefits of digital technology.

The Dutch Barton Dental Practice is a modern, private dental practice in the historic town of Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire.

We use the latest digital technologies in our practice to reduce our environmental impact & provide the best general dentistry and specialist treatments to our patients.

We offers a full range of quality dental care including:

Our main philosophy is: Do it once & do it properly!

Simon Fieldhouse

Watch this short video to discover more about our philosophy here at Dutch Barton Dental, from one of our principal dentists Simon Fieldhouse

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