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Suresmile Clear Aligners

Would you like to achieve your ideal smile faster, easier and more discreetly?

Suresmile Aligners are a series of clear and removable aligners designed to straighten your teeth into their desired position in a subtle way. This method suits an adult’s lifestyle with ease and does not require being fixed to the teeth. 

Utilising some of the latest developments in digital dentistry, SureSmile is a highly accurate and effective method when straightening teeth and creating your new smile.

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‘’Using the latest digital technology, we are able to see your teeth from ‘root to crown’ at every angle so we can fully customise your own treatment plan ensuring you get the long-term healthy, happy smile you’ve always wanted’’

James MacDonald, Practice Principal and SureSmile Clinician

Our Practice Principal James MacDonald has undergone significant training and invested in the latest digital technology to ensure each patient’s treatment plan is individual to them, so they can get the straighter smile they have always been looking for.

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What is SureSmile?

SureSmile aligners are a clear aligner system that allows adults to straighten their teeth over time and achieve the results they desire in a discreet and comfortable manner. 

These aligners are created using advanced technology and materials that are proven to provide a customised fit for your teeth. This helps to make the aligners more comfortable and enhances the experience of your treatment, working to create the best results.

We use the latest digital technology to personalise your SureSmile Aligner system. I will be involved at every stage to ensure your aligners are fully customised to your changing teeth and deliver the most effective, long lasting result.

James MacDonald, Practice Principal and SureSmile Clinician

The SureSmile Process

The SureSmile Process begins with your consultation with us where we will discuss your aims for the treatment. We will then take a digital impression of your teeth using a special camera called an Intraoral Scanner. 

This scan provides an image used to create a 3D model of your teeth.  From this SureSmile are able to produce images to show the desired tooth movement and end result of your treatment. Your aligners are then made from these scans.

Throughout your treatment, we will change your aligners weekly (depending on how quickly your teeth adjust).

Great resultsShort TreatmentLong Lasting
SureSmile Aligners are designed to fit comfortably in your mouth and align your teeth in exactly the correct waySureSmile Aligner is an advanced system that delivers great results in the shortest time possible. Each patient receives a series of new aligners in line with their detailed treatment plan.The Dutch Barton’s SureSmile Principal Dentist, James MacDonald develops a detailed treatment plan to ensure your new smile lasts.

Emily’s Patient Story

One of our patients, Emily, had spacing issues with her teeth which made her feel self-conscious. She underwent a SureSmile treatment journey here at Dutch Barton and she is now delighted with the results and her new smile.


Q: How long do I have to wear SureSmile aligners throughout the day?

A: To get the quickest results from SureSmile, we recommend wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day. 

Q: How much do SureSmile aligners cost?

A: The cost of SureSmile treatment varies depending on the level of treatment needed, but fees start from £3,500. View our full list of fees for more information.

Q: How long will the results last?

A: The Dutch Barton’s SureSmile Principal Dentist, James MacDonald develops a detailed treatment plan to ensure your new smile lasts for the longest time possible. Retainers are used to help maintain your treatment result.

Q: What material are SureSmile aligners made out of?A: Your custom SureSmile aligners are fabricated using industry-leading Essix® materials. This helps to promote high-quality and accurate results throughout your treatment.

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