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Multiple missing teeth

Smile, eat and speak with confidence; dental implants are the ideal solution for replacing multiple missing teeth

Tooth loss not only affects the food choices you make and the way you eat but it can also impact your speech and alter your appearance. Whilst many patients choose traditional dental bridges and dentures, we are proud to offer dental implants as a strong and lasting solution for missing teeth.

When I first saw my smile, it was just a revelation! It was ‘me’ back again, with my white teeth that I used to have.

Kate, implant patient

Dental implants are growing in popularity and are considered the most advanced treatment for tooth loss. Whether you have had multiple dental extractions, experienced age-related tooth loss or suffered damaged or broken teeth, dental implants could be the ideal solution.

At Dutch Barton Dental Practice our implant team can offer dental implants where you have lost multiple teeth in a row and want a secure and stable foundation for your dental bridge.

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The Treatment

With our inhouse digital dental technology, your implant treatment journey will be as smooth as possible. We have eliminated the need for messy dental impressions or long waits for scans so that we can offer our patients the highest level of care and most successful outcome every time.

Depending on how many teeth are missing, our dentist will use a combination of dental r implants to support a bridge. If you are missing more than a few teeth in a row you could be a candidate for an implant retained denture or full arch implants.

Following a thorough examination – including onsite scans using our CBCT machine – and a detailed treatment plan, the required number of implants will be surgically inserted into the jawbone where the bridge will be placed. These implants act as new roots for the replacement teeth and will provide the support needed.

After a brief healing period, abutments (or connectors) will be fitted atop of the implants to hold the bridge in place. The bridge will look and feel completely natural and will be colour-matched to your teeth, so no one need ever know that you have had any dental treatment.

At Dutch Barton Dental Practice, we offer patients the convenience and efficiency of Cerec 3D which allows us to build your dental bridge inhouse, whilst you wait.

There are multiple benefits to dental implant treatment, including longevity, stability and being completely unnoticeable to others. Your dentist will explain the treatment in full and is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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As one of the leading dental practices in the local area providing dental implant treatment, we accept referrals from dentists and other healthcare professionals. Please contact us through our online referral system.

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