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Secure a denture

Enjoy a renewed lease of life with implant retained dentures; offering a secure and stable hold without the worry of slippage or movement

Dentures are often used for people who have lost multiple teeth or an entire arch of teeth. Tooth loss can have a dramatic effect on the way a person speaks, eats and their facial shape, so dentures can have a very positive effect on a patient’s day-to-day life.

When I first saw my smile, I was most impressed. I didn’t think it could possibly be restored to as it was when I was younger. Since having the treatment it has filled me with confidence to be able to speak to people without knowing that the denture was going to fall out or that I was going to have to adjust it in my mouth.

John, implant patient

However, while modern dentures are far more comfortable and reliable than traditional rigid appliances, issues such as slippage or gum irritation can still impact upon daily wearers.

Implant retained dentures are therefore an excellent way for denture wearers to enjoy their new teeth without the worry of the appliance coming loose or rubbing against their gums. The denture clips on and off dental implants which are placed in the jawbone. As they are removable, they can still be cleaned and cared for just like traditional adhesive dentures.

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The Treatment

With our inhouse digital dental technology, your implant treatment journey will be as smooth as possible. We have eliminated the need for messy dental impressions or long waits for scans so that we can offer our patients the highest level of care and most successful outcome every time.

Following a thorough examination – including onsite scans using our CBCT machine – and a detailed treatment plan, the required number of implants will be surgically inserted into the jawbone. The dentist will place the implants in areas of the jaw that have a higher bone mass to ensure the titanium screws have a strong foundation to bond and integrate within the mouth.

The implants act as anchors for the removable denture and once the healing process has occurred, the tops of the implant will be exposed so that the denture can be clipped on and off.

There are multiple benefits of implant retained dentures, including:

  • No more wobbly or uncomfortable dentures
  • No need for denture adhesive
  • Maintaining the shape of the face and reducing bone loss in the jaw
  • Easy to keep clean

If you choose implant retained dentures, your dentist will explain the treatment in full and is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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