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Why The Hygienist Should Form Part Of Your Dental Care Routine

Everyone knows how important it is to have regular dental checkups, but many people overlook the importance of a trip to the dental hygienist. The main concern of a dental hygienist is cleaning and preventative oral care, such as thoroughly cleaning teeth and monitoring gum health to prevent problems further down the line. Regular visits to a dental hygienist can present an array of things, including gum disease and tooth decay.

The Benefits of Visiting a Dental Hygienist

If you are on the fence about booking a dental hygienist appointment, it’s time to think about the benefits that come with doing so. There are a number of reasons as to why you should visit the hygienist, all of which help with caring for your teeth and gums on a long term basis. Rather than relying solely on standard dental appointments and checkups, you can go above and beyond to look after your teeth. Our experienced hygienists are a key part of long term dental health, and they do more than a simple cleaning.

Our dental hygienists will clean, scale and polish your teeth. This will leave them looking their best, as well as resulting in them feeling cleaner and fresher for longer. As well as cleaning your teeth and taking a good look at your gums, the Dutch Barton Dental hygienists offer professional help and knowledgeable advice. This could include guiding you towards better brushing techniques, general dietary advice to boost oral health and referring you to a dentist for further treatment if required. They will even monitor your gym health and keep an eye on any potential issues, ensuring they are treated, which can prevent decay and gum disease.

The Hygienists at Dutch Barton Dental

At Dutch Barton Dental, we encourage our patients to see the hygienist as part of their dental care routine. A lot of people underestimate the importance of visiting the hygienist, even though it can make a huge difference to oral health and hygiene. We offer professional and comfortable dental hygiene services, all of which you can book as part of your existing dental care routine. By combining the hygienist with your current dental routine keeps things simple and straightforward. To find out more about seeing the hygienist at Dutch Barton Dental, get in touch with our helpful team.